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Technology at a higher level

Have you ever wondered what makes a Mercedes different from a cheap Chinese car? We know it's the technology, the workmanship, but most importantly the quality of the individual components.
Our big-bag bags are the Mercedes of the packaging market, because we take care of the quality of every strand of material, right from the beginning of production.
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We sew bags and packaging, taking care of the smallest detail

Our designs, is first and foremost a technology developed over the years, combined with attention to the quality of each thread and stitch, from which the finished products are made.

Below, we'll let you in on the secret so you'll see how important the quality of the packaging we offer you is to us

Inspection of sewing needles
  • the thickness of the needle in the sewing machine is 4.3 [mm]

  • durability depends mainly on the semi-finished products used, but the sharpness of the needles in sewing machines also has a huge impact
Inspection of grip strips
  • the single strength of the grip strap for a bag with a maximum safe loading of 1000 [kg] is 1250 [kg]

  • grip tape made of multifilament consists of 123 strands of polypropylene silk with a strength of 2000DN each, where 1[DN] is 7[g].

  • Multifilament tape is more resistant to tearing than raffia (at similar weights), but less resistant to cutting

Quality control of threads
  • the thread that connects the pouch and handles is twisted fibrillated ribbon, this multifilament can burn out in the needle when sewing, so twisted ribbon is used

  • fibrillation of the ribbon involves cutting it lengthwise so that when it is twisted and under high tension there is no internal tension that would reduce its strength

Inspection of sewing machines in production
  • Sewing machine in some cases stitches 2.5 cm thick polypropylene

  • one machine connecting the body per day can sew a distance of 1700 meters of stitch alone

Regular inspection of sutures
  • each seam in the body of the bag is double, the first is responsible for the strength of the connection and the second for the security of the goods in the bag

Quality control of bags
  • the bag does not always have to be airtight, with some goods it is better if there is a certain controlled margin - goods with hot backfill

Quality control of raw material
  • More than 6 tons of polypropylene in various forms are processed daily

Continuous supervision of the project
  • all cutting is done hot

Attention to safe use markings
  • The designation SF - safety factor means what maximum overloads the bag should withstand, and so for a bag SWL 1000 [kg] and SF: 5:1 the limit strength is 5000 [kg].

Thanks to our attention to the quality of technology, customers of the most demanding industries cooperate with us

We will check which bags we can sew for your business to make it more profitable for you. We will perform an audit of your production line and offer the appropriate design so that you can reduce your company's production costs with optimally customized packaging.
Need bags with reinforced straps, for transporting or storing food? We will sew them for you.
We sew bags for fertilizer, soil and more. We will even take on a difficult project.
We specialize in sewing bags and containers for debris and garbage.
We offer our customers customized bags, ideal for transportation and more.
We specialize in sleeve bag designs, which have properties needed in the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industries.
Order a packaging audit and reduce production costs
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Tired of rippling bags and looking for a reliable supplier of bags and packaging?

With us, you will not only optimize your production costs. We'll show you how to save money and take the burden off of you to customize your product for your industry. We will deliver your order on time.
Request a free packaging audit for your company. Write to us, we'll get back to you within the hour.
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