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Order a packaging audit and reduce production costs

There is a solution that reduces the cost of production without going down the quality of products.
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Sound unlikely?
It is possible!

Our team studies the production line processes and analyzes the packaging used. We check if it can be done cheaper. And if possible - we propose substitute solutions.
What does it look like?
Request a free audit service and discuss an appointment. After the audit, you will receive an analysis and detailed packaging report with recommendations on how to save money in the future by customizing packaging for your product.
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Free audit of your company's production line anywhere in Poland

Having sewn big-bag bags and packaging for many years, we have learned the specifics of almost every industry. Based on so much experience and our own product background, we know how to optimize a company's packaging processes.
We sew packaging for food manufacturing companies
  • tailored to the mode of transportation;
  • product type;
  • The method of loading/unloading, logistics.
We will design industrial bags used in construction and many other industries
  • Big-bag bags;
  • Single-use, single-sleeve bags;
  • Pallet covers, packages made to order.
Our industrial bags and packaging protect products and enable safe transportation of goods.
  • We offer bags for fertilizer, substrate, crop protection products;
  • We design packaging for the transportation and sale of various accessories and machinery;
  • We sew printed covers.
We sew unique products based on previously created designs. If you need a strong and impermeable sleeve bag, we will make such a model.
  • We sew packages of any size;
  • We will design any shape;
  • We will develop the type and quality of fabric ideal for your product.
We specialize in sewing bags for the disposal of debris, garbage, as well as any items that are generated in any industry. Our packaging is valued by waste disposal and recycling companies.
  • We will design and create strong and impermeable bags with durable seams for your industry;
  • If you need big-bag packaging with reinforced straps, we will sew it in a quick time;
  • We will make customized bags of any size and purpose.
Our warehouse is well stocked with various colors of fabric, wrappers and other accessories needed for sewing bags. This ensures that the products delivered will be exactly what you need.
We also do printing. We help create printing forms and print thousands of bags in a short time. This is what sets us apart in the market - the products will arrive to you on time.

We will check all the technological parameters of the packaging you use and identify the bottleneck of your production

You will receive from us a full report on the problems demonstrated and a comprehensive prescription for solving them.
Check the dimensions of the packages
We will examine the fabric quality of your bags and packaging
We will analyze the technological quality of seams and handles
We will examine the volume of bags and suggest better solutions
We will show you how to pack optimally
And also, how to transport products without loss

No more hole bags and production stoppage

Our specialists will help you reduce packaging costs without compromising the quality of the bags. After that, we will specifically design and sew such bags for the needs of your industry, which will be closely tailored to the products of your company. Check us out!
Request a free, no-obligation audit of your company's packaging and bags.
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